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Weirdest State Laws

You ought to be aware of the fact that laws are what we use to keep the society together and even stop people from wrecking havoc all over the world. You should know that some countries today have very weird kinds of laws that would shock you and make you wonder why they even exist. The other thing you should know is that there are those kinds of laws you will find very bizarre you will even wonder why some things are illegal. At the same time, some states have laws that are so commonplace and chances are that you have already broken some of those laws. This article highlights most of the weirdest rules in some states of the world.

Idaho should be the very first place we start to discuss. Idaho as a state has very many laws that are actually very great but the thing is that it also has the kinds of laws that are actually very weird. The first weird law that you should know in Idaho is the fact that it is illegal to consume human flesh. The strangest thing about this law is the fact that it is not a crime in the rest of the states in the United States of America. The law however has a loop hole because it states that it is only legal under very extreme life threatening conditions as the only means of survival. Therefore, if you are a resident in Idaho or a citizen, you will be in the clear if you consume a human flesh if you are in that kind of condition.

Aside from Idaho, you should also get to know of Delaware. The weird law you should know of here is the fact that it is not legal to sell hair belonging to dogs or cats. You should also be aware of the fact that in Delaware if you live in Rehoboth Beach, your children should never be seen outside from six to eight in the evening going trick or treating. You should however take note of the fact that the above law is not illegal if Halloween falls on a Sunday. Another thing you should know is that the trick or tricking should only be done on Sunday if at all Halloween falls on Sunday.

Besides Idaho and Delaware, you should also hear of the laws in Arkansas. One of the weirdest laws in this state is the fact that you are not allowed to honk the horn of your car outside any sandwich shop after nine in the evening. The other strange law in this state is the fact that it is not legal to win over twenty five times at pinball in a row.